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orinda marriage family therapistmartha stewart mft

martha stewart mft
Individual Therapy  
  Couples Therapy
  Family Therapy
  Relationship Issues
  Anxiety and Stress
  Life Transitions
  Recovery Issues
  Abuse Issues
  Grief Therapy
  Spiritual Growth
  Speaking and Teaching

orinda marriage family therapist


orinda marriage family therapist

orinda marriage family therapist

Individual Therapy – I work with adolescents and adults helping them to resolve the distress and pain that they are currently experiencing.  Together we explore paths and changes they can make to further enrich their lives.

Couples Therapy – Understanding our differences as human beings takes time and respect.  I work with couples to resolve conflict, facilitate better communication, deepen intimacy and enhance connection.  I encourage them to ‘own their own stuff’ and learn to be the best partner they can be.  I often use an assessment tool called PREPARE/ENRICH ( )

Pre-Marital – Engaged? Wondering about getting married?  Living together and wondering if your relationship should move into marriage?   I use an assessment tool called PREPARE/ENRICH, which helps couples evaluate the strengths and growth areas of their relationship as they prepare for the future.   ( )

Family Therapy – Getting along in a family or a blended family is quite a challenge.  I assist families with better communication techniques, as well as how to resolve conflicts, set boundaries and increase enjoyment within the family system as it grows and evolves.

Relationship Issues – Understanding ourselves in relation to others is one of the great mysteries in this life.   Through exploring our family of origin, past wounds and patterns, I support clients as they become aware of issues that are preventing them from having meaningful relationship with others, whether it is family, spouse, children, friends or co-workers. 

Parenting – Being a parent is the hardest and most rewarding job around.  I offer practical skills and insights on how to be a stronger parent and enjoy this job more.  Balancing nurture and structure is the key for parents to learn, and I teach my clients that balance.

Anxiety and Stress often impact our ability to enjoy life and function at the level one would like.  I teach clients stress reduction and anxiety management techniques which are very helpful in reducing panic and PTSD symptoms.  I also work with a Psychiatrist to see if medications would be appropriate.

Depression often grips us and can be very incapacitating.  Dealing with depression by oneself only increases the isolation and loneliness.  Together we explore the origins of the sadness and find ways to alleviate the pain.  I also work with a Psychiatrist to see if medications would be appropriate.

Life Transitions such as aging, moving, divorce, career shifts, illness, and mid-life can often be unsettling and confusing.  Together we work through the distress and find avenues to enhance life given the shifts that are often outside of one’s control. 

Recovery Issues – There’s a saying, ‘We’re either in denial or in recovery’.  Using the 12 Step model, I offer many years of experience understanding recovery, whether it is from alcohol, drugs, sex, co-dependency, and/or food.   Setting boundaries for oneself is crucial in the recovery process.  

Abuse Issues
– Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse can be debilitating and the pain from that must be worked through in order to become a survivor and not stay a victim.  I utilize valuable techniques that can reduce trauma and painful memories.  

Grief Therapy – Facing grief, whether the loss is from death, divorce, or other major changes can be lonely and often we don’t want to burden family with our sadness.  I have worked for years understanding the grief process and how to support clients to move forward after a significant loss. 

Spiritual Growth – Integrating our spiritual faith into psychological healing can be a great benefit.  For those clients who are interested, I facilitate conversations exploring and understanding God’s presence in our lives.   

Speaking and Teaching – I am available to speak or to teach on the subjects listed above.  I have taught at professional meetings, schools and church communities.  Please contact me if you are interested in this possibility. 

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